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About Frederick Banting International School

Our academic institution is distinct from most others chiefly due to its commitment to human excellence. We seek to cultivate well-rounded young people who are capable of succeeding in all career paths available in the twenty-first century.  Our means for accomplishing this lofty goal are several and come together to represent a coherent educational strategy.

  • We accept a maximum of 19 students in each class.
  • We hold a ParentPrincipal meeting every month to both actively engage parents in their children’s education and receive feedback.
  • We do not permit cell phones on school grounds, as they compromise the learning process.
  • We offer free academic help until 6:00 p.m. to student who need it.
  • We start French language classes from Kindergarten.
  • We do not permit the use of calculators until Grade 8.
  • We offer four classes each week in Jump Math and four classes each week on Complex Math Problems taught by different teachers.
  • Beginning in Grade 5, our students are introduced to an “Ivy League Vocabulary” list, which helps their oral and written language develop both precision and eloquence.
  • We put a strong emphasis on handwriting and employ a number of renown pedagogical strategies to ensure our students’ handwriting is not only neat, but also aesthetically pleasing.
  • Our school conducts mid-term exams and final exams beginning at Grade 1. This strengthens the foundation of our students.

Frederick Banting International School Motto

Integrity. Magnanimity. Ambition.

  • Integrity – : To possess the virtue of integrity is to respect oneself based on one’s praiseworthy behaviour. We encourage our students to always be truthful and approach all their daily tasks – whether academic, social, or leisurely – with diligence and care. Our students are emboldened to take responsibility and ownership of their daily lives and construct coherent plans in preparation for their tests, exams, and extra-curricular activities. Ultimately, we seek to motivate them to develop and exercise the qualities of leadership and prudence.

  • Magnanimity– A magnanimous individual displays concern for the good of others. Our students are not merely concerned with personal advancement, but think in terms of the common good.  We encourage students to view the success of their peers as their own and in effect, assist one another and offer wholehearted help.  Ultimately, we strive to instill a communal sense of interdependence between our teachers, students, and parents with an eye to establish a way of life defined by mutual support, fairness, and kindness.

  • Ambition– Our students are encouraged to push beyond established boundaries daily.  We believe that ingenuity and bold ambitions hold the key to the prosperity of humanity and seek to help our students become active participants in shaping the world of tomorrow.  We strive to cultivate both their creativity and their rationality by engaging them in both projects centered on critical thinking and those that inspire the creative expression of the human passions.


The school bears the name of Sir Frederick Grant Banting, co-discoverer of insulin, Nobel laureate, medical scientist and a painter. The mother of the principal and owner of the school was a diabetic patient and her life was prolonged because of Dr. Banting’s discovery. Principal himself is a diabetes patients and believes one day he will be on insulin to save his life. This school is started by the management of Guru Tegh Bahadur (GTB) International School. Guru Tegh Bahadur sacrificed his life to protect the lives of others. Similarly, Dr. Banting sacrificed a lot in his personal life to the point that he was almost broken by the pressure of insulin research. This name is chosen to express our gratitude to Sir Frederick Banting for discovering insulin. This name will always enlighten and motivate our children to be ready to sacrifice personally for common good of the humanity.

Frederick Banting International school professes the belief that each student is a distinct individual whose path to cultivation is unique.  His or her excellence – whether it be intellectual, physical, or spiritual – is the end to which we are deeply devoted.  Thus, we offer a diverse curriculum that fuses several diverse pedagogical strategies designed to respond to the individual needs of our students.

Contact Info

21 Coventry Rd

Phone: +1 905-791-4600

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