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Admissions Process

  • Stage 1: Academic Records

    • School transcripts
    • Report cards (from the last academic year)
    • Two reference letters (one from a school official and one personal)
    • A one-page personal statement written by the student
  • Stage 2: Interview

    After all records, references, and test results are received, a formal  interview will be scheduled during which the student’s goals, concerns, and test performance will all be discussed.  The student will be notified of his or her acceptance within 2 business days  after the interview.

  • Stage 3: Fee Deposit

    Upon acceptance, the application form is to be completed and submitted to the Admissions Office.  At this time, tuition fees must also be paid in full in CAD

  • Stage 4: Final Review 

    Prior to the beginning of classes, the following documentation must be received from the newly admitted student:

    • Up-to-date immunization records
    • Declaration of Legal Guardianship (if the guardian is not the parent)
    • Name and address of Canadian residence

Important Files

*  Please be informed that any international students who are not granted a student visa for any reason by CIC, The fee refund process takes approx 90 days

Contact Info

21 Coventry Rd

Phone: +1 905-791-4600

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